Our Values

Our team is like family; we all strive to deliver the BEST guest experience all the time, every time; while serving top quality food. People and food, our magic! We all share the commitment to deliver the Best tasting chicken and fish!

What has allowed us to be successful for over 50 years?

  • Serving Canadian chicken and fish: We value Canadian farmers and fishers, which is why we serve chicken raised by Canadian farmers and fish caught in Canada. With food raised, produced, and processed in Canada, we celebrate our country with every dish served.
  • Incorporating only the best ingredients: Freshly ground spices, Canadian meat, and cholesterol-free oil go into making every meal served as wholesome as it is delicious. We think it’s simple—to make the best chicken, you need the best ingredients.
  • Caring for our owners, employees, and customers: Happy, successful staff means: happy, satisfied customers, that’s what we believe anyway; it’s one of the reasons why we offer such great benefits and support to franchisee owners and employees.
  • Supporting our Local Food Bank is what each unit does: Through a wholesale program for all essential services such as energy and internet, (which is open to anyone; just asked at the unit to be contacted), we ensure a meal to the Food Bank every time these bills are paid.

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