Dixie Lee
Sylvan Lake

Dixie Lee has been serving delicious chicken since 1964.

Best Tasting Fried Chicken in Sylvan Lake

Welcome to Dixie Lee Fried Chicken Sylvan Lake. This take-out restaurant is part of a soon to be all over Alberta fast (and fresh) food chain, that offers tasty food with high-quality standards. It is the BEST-fried chicken restaurant you can find in the busy life of Sylvan Lake! The friendly staff of Dixie Lee is pleased to welcome you into this activity-laden community and invites you to experience the warmth of good food.

The vibrant town of Sylvan Lake has a lot to offer. The abundant heritage of culture and people makes you wonder how life is spent here.

Outdoor lovers, like cyclists and hikers, will enjoy Sylvan Lake sceneries. There is an abundance of life in Sylvan Lake. To simply enjoy life, take a leisure walk along the beach, or run to shed some sweat and bring the vibrancy of life. Appreciate the little things while you can, take a stroll and take along a take-out of Dixie Lee’s tasty fried chicken.

With Dixie Lee’s promise of sumptuous food, you can always have something to share with friends and family after a long day. This flavorful experience is going to be exceptional because Dixie Lee Sylvan Lake offers a perfect take out opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts!

Dixie Lee is always thankful for having the chance to serve their fried chicken that is known, for decades. Having a branch built here in Sylvan Lake is a joyous and prosperous move as it meets the demands of friendly locals and visitors for flavorful food.

Combined with Sylvan Lake’s abundant attractions and community programs for young and old, Dixie Lee never fails to serve their food with delicate preparation, from which their team bring out only the most thrilling experience in Sylvan Lake. Whether you love to camp, travel, hike, sail the winds, or settle down to simply dine, Dixie Lee Sylvan Lake is a great place to
finish a full day.

Come in as a guest, but leave as a friend. This Dixie Lee fried chicken restaurant makes sure that whatever your choice is, they have plenty of time to please you!

Sylvan Lake's Growing Fast Food Chain

Sylvan Lake is a community that represents joy and diversity of culture; and Sylvan Lake is proud to have a Dixie Lee branch in their place because this is a sign that a town is progressive.

Dixie Lee Fried Chicken in Sylvan Lake is the place to go if you crave good food after a busy day at work or a fun stroll along the beach. With Dixie Lee’s fresh made menu, you will probably drool over the zesty meals of sumptuous chicken and fries!

Building its niche as one of the best fast (and fresh) foods in Sylvan Lake, Dixie Lee will never stop caring and serving its customers, wherever it could be in the world. They believe in the idea that as long as there are hungry customers, there is always a reason to serve satisfying food to put smiles on their customers’ faces.

Best Tasting Fried Chicken Fast Food Restaurant near me
Fried Chicken for Decades

The well-served tradition of Dixie Lee, serving crispy fried chicken to hungry families since 1964, defies time as it continues to be the best restaurant serving great-tasting chicken. Bringing families together to enjoy a sumptuous meal, Dixie Lee has never failed its customers in letting them appreciate the taste of premium fried chicken, always prepared fresh, only with the finest ingredients for crispy fried chicken.

Dixie Lee’s traditional taste in fried chicken, garnished with the most exquisite ingredients, prepared by their expert team members, in a frying system that produces healthy and non-greasy chicken, has been the reason why their customers keep coming back, regardless of age.

Dixie Lee

Best Fried Chicken in Sylvan Lake

Hang around a Dixie Lee and discover this outlet in Sylvan Lake when you decide to stroll in the park. Yes, it is a place of refuge for hungry guests! Experience the best-fried chicken take-out restaurant and go for a blast with the goodness in every bite!

Dixie Lee’s team in Sylvan Lake prepares their chicken meals with their famous spices. Savour the wholesomeness and traditional taste in every bite.

Do not forget to add coleslaw. Dixie lee’s coleslaw makes a perfect match for their crispy fried chicken. Tossed in a creamy dressing and fresh strips of vegetables, their coleslaw will, no doubt, make your day!

Pair them UP!

Dixie Lee’s fast and fresh food take-out restaurant in Sylvan Lake line up of food does not end in chicken as they have other flavourful meals. They are known for the refreshing wraps, French fries and macaroni salad. Actually, Dixie Lee is also known for their poutine! Who does not love poutine? Everyone does.

Poutine connects the gap in the diversity of a nation when its taste is so unique and irresistible. These mushy fries will make your fingers do the hard work to satisfy your craving, as they seem so elusive on the hand. Melt the cheese in your mouth. And if not with your fingers, dig those fried potato treats using your fork; easy isn’t it?

Define poutine in the way you eat It, go and make a mess. This traditional French favourite really does solve a meal when paired with your favourite beverage.

Be one of Dixie Lee Sylvan Lake’s guests, and they will assure that you will never leave their place empty and blue. Receive Southern kindness and hospitality anytime!

Making Their Fried Chicken Crispy

Dixie Lee’s brand in crispy fried chicken has been hoisting its lustre for decades. The unique preparation of their fried chicken only shows that they cook their food carefully, making sure they achieve a golden-crisp fried chicken. Their proprietary recipes, custom-made equipment and style of cooking that has been known for years, reflect their mentality as they could only bring what is exceptional for their customers. What’s more, their chicken is locally sourced, a guarantee that they are fresh from the farm!

Dixie Lee’s sophisticated choice in cooking and in serving their customers gave them fantastic years to boast about! They have been in the chicken industry for many years so you can attest that they only bring good food to the table. With such a gesture, families gather together to enjoy the chicken and everything offered as a side.

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