Dixie Lee

Dixie Lee has been serving delicious chicken since 1964.

The Best Premium Fried Chicken in Barrie

The Famous Fried Chicken in Town

Barrie is now the newest home of Dixie Lee. Looking forward to its opening in this popular tourist destination, Dixie Lee will soon become a landmark in the city of Barrie in Ontario. Barrie is the perfect spot to enjoy the summer and winter seasons. Locals and tourists can enjoy some of their famous city attractions, which include the Centennial Park, the Simcoe County Museum and Archives, and the Springwater Provincial Park.

After strolling at the park or paying a visit to the museum, you can bring your family and friends to Dixie Lee QSR to enjoy a meal that you will talk about after a fun-filled day.

As soon as Dixie Lee opens its branch in the center of Barrie, their delectable meals, especially their signature fried chicken, will bring color and joy to the people and city of Barrie. They will serve good food that will make you feel at home and nostalgic with every bite, giving you that familiar warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside.

Top Fast Food in Barrie

A Fresh and Welcoming Approach to Crispy Fried Chicken

Come to Dixie Lee Barrie to delight your senses with the irresistible smell of crispy chicken. Bathe your taste buds with the savory juices and all-natural flavor that rushes deliciously out of the chicken and into your mouth. Dixie Lee only uses tender chicken hand-dipped in their proprietary recipe. Using their unique frying system, they produce the tastiest fried chicken in Barrie.

No one will ever wonder why locals and visitors flock to Dixie Lee Fried Chicken when it opens its doors to Barrie. Their customers will surely keep on coming back to taste the premium fried chicken they have since loved!

But fried chicken is not the only great thing about Dixie Lee because their amazing service is something that you will also appreciate. The moment you step foot in Barrie Dixie Lee, the kind staff will welcome you with smiles and joyous greetings! They believe that you will enjoy your meal best if it is prepared with care and served with love. This is the Dixie Lee way: they go beyond what is expected of them by giving excellent service to the people who matter—their valued guests.

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The Secret to Amazing Fried Chicken

Crunchy, juicy, and finger-licking good. The mouth-watering fried chicken of Dixie Lee is generously seasoned and carefully deep-fried until crispy and golden brown. Every bite of the Dixie Lee fried chicken will please your palate. But this famous fried chicken did not come to life with only salt, pepper, and flour. Since 1964, Dixie Lee has continuously reinvented and improved its proprietary cooking method until they have come up with the perfect recipe and cooking style.

The Dixie Lee cooking process is a combination of both traditional and modern cooking methods. Meticulously prepared and hand-dipped in different spices, the chicken is cooked in high-temperature natural fats to tenderize the meat and keep its natural juices and flavor, producing tasty and non-greasy fried chicken. The meat is perfectly cooked, from skin to bone, so you get to enjoy every bite.

There is no specific way of making the tastiest fried chicken, but Dixie Lee has one main ingredient that makes their recipe different from those you have tasted. Preparing their famous signature dish with “love” is what makes their fried chicken stand out from the rest.

Dixie Lee
The Best Restaurant in Barrie
All-time Comfort Food

Are you stressed, tired, heartbroken, or simply craving for joy-inducing food? Fried chicken, your all-time comfort food, is the way to eliminate all the negative aura.

Treat your taste buds as you dig into the premium chicken that Dixie Lee has to offer. With every bite, experience exceptional flavors that will ignite your senses and make you feel good.

Dixie Lee in Barrie will be the number one restaurant where both locals and tourists from all over the world will come and visit to taste the best fried chicken in the city. This dish will not only become a favorite but will also become part of the tradition in Barrie.

More Delectable Meals

Aside from their signature fried chicken, Dixie Lee also serves sandwiches, wraps, and french fries. 

Sides and Salads

Dixie Lee serves delicious coleslaw and macaroni salad. All ingredients are freshly as per Dixie Lee standards. 

Top Fried Chicken Restaurant in Barrie

Dixie Lee: the Number 1 Restaurant in Barrie

For decades now, many have trusted the best fried chicken restaurant in Barrie: Dixie Lee.

Very soon, energetic people of Barrie will entice their taste buds with great food and delicious treats. Dixie Lee will open their doors to welcome families and friends who want to enjoy a great meal together.

Dixie Lee’s mission is to…

…serve amazing food to the beautiful people of Barrie. They strictly follow the rules and regulations of using humanely raised, non-GMO chicken. They have perfected their proprietary, high-temperature frying process for all their hand-dipped fried chicken. They only use non-trans fat oil to avoid producing greasy chicken after deep frying and for a better-tasting product. During the cooking process, the chicken is tenderized, thus keeping all the natural juices and nutrition. The proprietary cooking method they are using has been reinvented and improved over time until they found a way to eliminate grease and seal vital nutrients when cooking.

…provide quality services to all customers whom they consider as FRIENDS and FAMILY. They are the backbone of the success of Dixie Lee and they will strive to improve their services to continuously provide satisfaction in every bite a customer will make. Dixie Lee shares their values through the food they serve.

…build a strong and peace-loving community. Dixie Lee promotes environmental awareness by using recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials. They are and will continue to be an active member of the town of Barrie. And most importantly, they will continue their legacy of creating lasting relationships and bringing families together through serving good food to all their customers!

Dixie Lee, opening soon in Barrie, aims to become part of every tradition and celebration in this lovely and scenic community. Dixie Lee wants to become a place where optimism, joy, success, and enthusiasm are expressed by all of their staff and especially their guests. Their doors are always open, and they welcome you with good food and excellent service.

Dixie Lee does not give empty promises to their customers; they want to keep it real by doing their best to provide excellent food choices and quality services. So what are you waiting for? Come in now and try the best fried chicken in Barrie to experience “home” in one bite.


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